If you are suffering from low testosterone in Tampa, FL, there’s good news. For those men who have battled tirelessly against low energy, decreased sex drive, reduced muscle mass, irritability, difficulty focusing and other symptoms of low testosterone in Tampa, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is now more accessible and easier than ever. There are a number of medical practitioners who follow an old and outdated guideline for what constitutes normal testosterone levels in a healthy man. These guidelines dictate that 270-1070 ng/dl (nanograms per deciliter) can be considered normal, regardless of the patient’s age. It might be normal for an 80 year old man to be fall somewhere in the 200’s; but, for younger men, levels that low might be wreaking havoc on their overall health and vigor. There are a number of different factors which could indicate whether or not testosterone replacement therapy in Tampa is right for you. Here’s what you need to know about the testosterone replacement therapy dosages offered in Tampa, FL.


Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone cypionate is a testosterone replacement therapy dosage that is often considered to be one of the best injections on the market. It has the longest half-life (eight days) of all other injections, making it a steady and cost-effective solution. There is very little chance of having your testosterone levels spike drastically when using cypionate. All forms of testosterone cypionate are suspended in cottonseed oil for a reliable absorption and dosage. Some of the most notable brands who produce cypionate injections are Depo-Testosterone, Watson, Pfizer and Actavis. They all make a quality product that generates relatively the same results in the realm of testosterone injections. Cypionate is offered as a testosterone replacement therapy dosage in Tampa, FL.

Testosterone Propionate

This testosterone replacement therapy dosage is one of the fastest acting injections among its peers. It is injected into the body using propionate products, and can peak within hours of being administered and metabolized. The half-life of propionate is three days, and injections should be administered every two to three days. This can result in somewhat of a busy treatment schedule for the patient. Consequently, propionate is often only prescribed in special cases because of the frequency of injections. Nevertheless, it can quickly stabilize testosterone levels for those who need it. Today it is marketed under the names Agrovirin, Andronate, Andrusol-P, Masenate, Neo-Hombreol, Oreton, Perandren, Synandrol, and Testoviron. Propionate is also offered as a testosterone replacement therapy dosage in Tampa, FL.


Enanthate is a testosterone replacement therapy dosage that is metabolized over the course of four or five days. In some cases it may leave behind small traces of the drug for up to two weeks. Like propionate, injections must be given more frequently (every five days). Similar to propionate, its use is often recommended in special cases. Your level of baseline testosterone (along with several other factors) may call for the use of Enanthate injections opposed to other types. Brand names for Enanthate injections are: Delatestryl, Testostroval, Testro LA, Andro LA, Durathate, Everone, Testrin, and Andropository. Enanthate is also offered as a testosterone replacement therapy dosage in Tampa, FL.

Aqueous testosterone suspension

This injection treatment is also known as “no ester.” Since there is no ester present to support a slower absorption rate, it requires very frequent injections since it doesn’t remain present in the body for very long as proper levels. It is one of the least prescribed injections on the market for TRT but can reversibly and completely suppress the production of sperm in men, and has been used as a contraceptive in the past. As a consequence, aqueous testosterone suspension does not have much use as a testosterone replacement therapy dosage since the advancement of cypionate and propionate injections.

If you feel like you are experiencing one or more of the symptoms of low testosterone, and nothing seems to be working, Tampa Testosterone can help! We offer a free consultation and professional care throughout the entirety of your treatment. We will provide you with a comprehensive blood test and discuss the symptoms you are having in a face-to-face visit with our expert physicians. This process is designed to establish what your symptoms and needs are, and what the optimal treatment plan for you will look like. We hold thoroughness and attention to detail above all, thus ensuring we get you the best results as quickly as possible. We will build and maintain rapport with you throughout the course of your therapy, so you won’t have to go it alone. You can trust Tampa Testosterone for your testosterone treatments in Tampa, FL. Don’t wait to take your life back, call or click today!

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