Testosterone Therapy FAQs

Testosterone Therapy FAQs

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is a sex hormone produced naturally by the body. It aids in the maturity of the male sex organs, and other aspects of typical male growth. It is produced in the testes and regulated by the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland both located in the brain. Along with male sexual development, testosterone also increases hair growth and distribution on the body, increases muscle and bone mass, and promotes higher energy levels, mood and libido.

What is the normal level of testosterone?

The current standard for what is considered a normal testosterone level is between 350 ng/dL and 1,000 ng/dL (nanograms per deciliter). The brain signals for more testosterone when your levels drop, however, there are many reasons your natural levels can get suppressed leaving you with lower than optimal levels. Levels may fall below 350 ng/dL and the body still may not produce enough testosterone consistently to bring them back up. Tampa Testosterone will evaluate your bloodwork and symptoms to determine the best treatment for you based on your “T” levels.

What is hypogonadism?

Hypogonadism in men is a condition in which production of testosterone, sperm or both is diminished significantly, negatively affecting everyday life for most males.

What is testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)?

Testosterone replacement therapy are treatments designed to replace diminished T levels. There are many different treatments available such as: testosterone booster injections, enclomiphene pills, estrogen blockers, testosterone pellets, gels, creams, and pills.

What are the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy?

There are a number of benefits to TRT such as: increased muscle mass, energy, libido, motivation, mood & confidence. Testosterone replacement therapy can also decrease things like depression and irritability.

What method of treatment works best for testosterone replacement therapy?

Injection treatment is currently the best method of delivery for testosterone in the human body. It has 100% effectiveness when done correctly. Other methods such as gels, creams, pills and patches are higher maintenance, less effective, and come with other risk factors. For instance, creams and gels may transfer from one person to another through direct skin-to-skin contact. If a person who does not require TRT and hasn’t been prescribed testosterone comes into contact with it, severe consequences could arise for their hormones if they came in contact. Because we care about your safety, and the safety of those close to you, Tampa Testosterone only offers injection therapy.

What can Tampa Testosterone do for me?

First we offer a complimentary consultation with one of our hormone specialists and get blood tests in order to properly gauge your testosterone levels. From there we give you a face-to-face consultation with one of our medical practitioners to evaluate your lab results and symptoms. This will help us determine if you qualify for testosterone replacement therapy, and how to design the most effective treatment plan for you.

How much does testosterone replacement therapy cost?

At “Tampa T”, testosterone replacement therapy injections start as low as $99 per month, so there is no reason to keep waiting to look and feel your best! Call us now and we’ll get you started!

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