What is testosterone replacement therapy?

What is testosterone replacement therapy?

As men get older, usually around age 30, production of the male sex hormone, testosterone, begins to steadily decline at a rate of about 1% annually. While this yearly decline may not seem like much by itself, when coupled with certain testosterone decreasing lifestyles, it can really add up. As a result, many men will try different things to try to reverse their declining T levels. There are several different kinds of foods you can consume to help kick-start your testosterone production and you may see some results when combined with exercise, competitive activities, supplements, strength training, and reducing your stress levels. Often times these things alone are not enough to get your testosterone levels where you want them, however. Enter testosterone replacement therapy.

How is Testosterone Therapy Administered?

There can be different strategies for testosterone replacement such as: testosterone injections, testosterone boosters, estrogen blockers, testosterone pellets, gels, creams, and pills. Currently injection therapy is the most practical and effective method. It is also the safest method, and when used properly, boasts the lowest risk for health-related complications when compared to other treatments. We order comprehensive blood tests in order to properly gauge your testosterone levels, along with a face-to-face consultation with one of our medical practitioners. We evaluate your lab results and symptoms to determine if you qualify for testosterone replacement therapy, and which specific treatment plan will be most effective for you. As we mentioned earlier, injections are the most effective method of testosterone replacement therapy. This is because injecting exogenous testosterone straight into the muscle has a 100% effective rate. As a result, when injections are done properly, your testosterone levels are guaranteed to go up.

Testosterone Booster Injections

Treatments that are not injectable can less effective and more to keep up with. Patches, for instance, have a significantly lower absorption rate than injectable testosterone. When it comes to creams and gels, they must be applied much more frequently, and can unintentionally rub off on women or children who have direct skin-to-skin contact with you. So, needless to say, a great deal of caution and care must be exercised every day when using these 2 methods. This is another reason testosterone injections are the most preferred method. Injections are only required 1-2 times every week, have the highest absorption rate, and there is no danger of inadvertently transferring testosterone to anyone else. This helps to alleviate the pressures of your already busy day-to-day life; and a mind at ease is good for the testosterone engine. There are different types of injections as well, so finding the right one for you is simple.

The two kinds of testosterone booster injections we offer are testosterone cypionate and testosterone propionate. They both offer the same testosterone benefits, but have different absorption rates. The half-life of cypionate injections can last anywhere from 8-10 days. This makes it the more preferable route for those who seek a low maintenance treatment option. Though the half-life is 8-10 days, injections are still given one to two times per week so that your T levels do not spike drastically. This will help to reduce the occurrence of negative side effects such as acne, fatigue or mood swings, and let you reap the benefits much more consistently week-to-week. Propionate injections, conversely, have a half-life of about 4 days so in order to maintain optimal levels, you must inject at least twice per week. Some men prefer this option. Both injections can be suspended in different natural oils to aid in the testosterone delivery for those with allergies. However, grapeseed oil is the most common, but there are other options.

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