Signs you might need testosterone replacement therapy in Tampa, FL

Signs you might need testosterone replacement therapy in Tampa, FL

There are many different indicators when it comes to diagnosing low testosterone. Some of them might start off subtle, and continue to progress over time, making them difficult to correlate to low T. And soon, before you know it, you could be suffering from some pretty alarming symptoms of this condition. Thankfully there is testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) to help you get back on track. No man wants to feel like less of a man because of something beyond his control such as a hormonal unbalance and hypogonadism (testosterone below the normal range). TRT can help you take your life back. Here are some signs you may need testosterone replacement therapy.

“I feel tired all the time.”

Fatigue is probably the first symptom you (and most other men) will experience. It is tricky to diagnose because it can be confused as a normal part of aging. As we’ve mentioned before, when men hit the age of 30, their testosterone levels will start to decline naturally. But how many 30 year olds do you know consistently see want to fall asleep at their desk every day and then still need a nap immediately after returning home from work? Maybe a definite number of them, you included, right? But how many of those men do you ever see being successful one day? True fatigue is not normal in most age brackets, and can hinder your life significantly if it is related to low testosterone.

“I feel like I’m losing muscle mass.”

Testosterone is one of the main contributors to building real, lean muscle. When your T levels start to drop into the lower echelon of the normal range, you may start to experience loss of muscle and bone mass while gaining fat. Studies have shown the loss in muscle mass may not always visibly affect strength, however, thus making it another tricky symptom to spot. It is wise not to take such drastic changes to your body lightly. Do not pass it off as “normal”.

“I’m irritable or down a lot.”

When your testosterone levels drop substantially, you may experience decreased mood and irritability. These symptoms can look like a bout of depression, but that is not always the case. Especially if you are experiencing other symptoms of low T, it is prudent you let a physician know that you suspect low testosterone may be the key contributing factor. The sooner he or she knows about it, the sooner you can work to get the issue resolved with testosterone replacement therapy.

“My sex drive isn’t what it used to be.”

Testosterone plays a key role in a healthy libido, yes. But it also plays a vital part in achieving and maintaining a strong erection before and during sexual intercourse. The hormone itself does not make the erection per se, but it stimulates receptors in the brain to produce nitric oxide, the molecule that produces the chemical responses necessary for an erection to occur. Testosterone is, however, directly responsible for maintaining adequate erections. This is a good indicator you may need TRT if you are having difficulties such as these.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Tampa

Low testosterone production can affect men is so many different ways. As a result, diagnosing it can be difficult. Don’t wait. It’s never too late to get started taking your life back today! If you suspect you may be suffering from one or more of the symptoms of low testosterone production, give Tampa T a call today!

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