Daily trips to the gym should yield noticeable muscle gain and increased vitality. But if your body is working against you, more reps and higher mass won’t fix the problem.

Testosterone naturally declines with age. Some experts claim the drop begins as early as age 30. By the time men celebrate their sixtieth birthday, two out of every ten have low testosterone.

We naturally think of libido when we think of testosterone, but this critical hormone does so much more than just make intercourse work. It gives men muscle mass and the much-needed energy to function throughout the day.

So when you begin to notice you’re not making gains in the gym or your energy has dropped along with your desire to spend some intimate time with your significant other, you may have low testosterone.

A testosterone replacement therapy clinic will have the expertise and medication necessary to help men find their get-up and go for the day. But how do you find such a specialized clinic? 

Keep reading to learn about how to vet a testosterone replacement therapy clinic and what to expect when you go for your first visit. 

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Explained

If you’re experiencing the signs of low testosterone, you need the answer to one single question: what is testosterone replacement therapy? 

Testicles produce testosterone. This critical hormone is responsible for several body functions: 

Men typically do not see signs of low testosterone with problems in these areas when they’re young because their testosterone levels peak in adolescence and sometimes as late as early adulthood. After you turn 30, your levels will gradually decline naturally. Lower testosterone levels can be a natural part of the aging process. 

Problems occur, though, when your testosterone levels dip significantly due to problems with your pituitary gland or testicles. 

A testosterone therapy clinic can offer help. You can receive boosts of testosterone through several methods: 

Each of these methods can improve a man’s testosterone levels and alleviate the problems of low testosterone. 

Signs of Low Testosterone

Since testosterone cares for many of a man’s body functions, the signs of low testosterone will vary. They could include any one of the following changes. 

Sexual Function

You may have a reduced desire for sex if you have low testosterone. If you notice fewer spontaneous erections when you’re seeping, you could have problems. You also may have low testosterone if you and your significant other are having a difficult time conceiving 

Emotional Changes

If you’re feeling depressed or sad for no reason, testosterone therapy could help. Men with low testosterone will experience unexplained sadness, changes in mood, decreased self-confidence, and decreased motivation. You may even notice a more difficult time remembering things or concentration on the task at hand. 

Physical Changes

Testosterone helps build muscle, so when testosterone dips, so does muscle mass. You will notice increased body fat and reduced strength as well as lower bone density. Your body hair will decrease and your pectoral muscles will become tender or swollen. 

Plus, you’ll have less energy to do the tasks that took little energy before. 

Look For a Testosterone Replacement Therapy Clinic

If you think you have low testosterone, it’s time to look for a testosterone replacement therapy clinic. Begin by looking for specialized clinics where you live. 

If you were having heart troubles, you would not go to a general practitioner. If you suspect low testosterone, you should also go to a specialist that can pinpoint your problem and fix the issues quickly. 

Testosterone therapy clinics understand that no two patients are alike. A good clinic will not have a cookie-cutter approach, but they will treat you as an individual with a problem specific to your body. 

Look For Reviews

Once you’ve located testosterone therapy clinics near you, seek out reviews. 

Testosterone therapy is a specialized practice. You need reviews and recommendations to find the best testosterone therapy clinic near you. Because of the specialized and personal nature of testosterone therapy, you’re not likely to ask your neighbor down the street for testosterone replacement therapy tips. 

So go to a more discreet location. Go online for a testosterone replacement therapy guide and reviews. Patients will be brutally honest when they find a clinic they like or do not like. 

Book an Appointment

After you’ve read reviews and determined which clinics look best, book consultations with several clinics. These consultations will allow you to vet the clinics to determine which one will best meet your needs. 

At the consultation, the doctor should take a health history and check your vital signs. A good clinic will take an in-depth blood panel to determine your current hormone levels. The blood panel will reveal which therapy method will work best for your testosterone needs. 

The clinician will then make recommendations for testosterone therapy. They will establish parameters for natural testosterone levels as well as ways to stop your estrogen from building up. A good program will have you check into your physician every one to three months to check your hormone levels. 

Seek Therapy, Improve Your Health

The right testosterone replacement therapy clinic can help you continue the healthy life you had before your testosterone levels dipped. They will determine the cause for the low levels, and then they will help you establish the best therapy for your needs. 

Before you know it, you’ll have the energy and vitality you experienced in your younger years. Your friends and family will notice the pep in your step and smile on your face. 

If you think you have low testosterone levels, we can help. We consider each patient’s biological makeup by beginning with comprehensive lab work. Our specially-trained physicians will recommend the best testosterone therapy for your problems based on your bloodwork results. 

Once we determine the best course of treatment, we discreetly deliver your medications right to your front door. Our entire team aims to serve our patients well.

Take a moment and contact us today. Schedule a consultation. We would love to help you.

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