Testosterone is widely considered the key ingredient of what makes a man because it plays a major role in a male’s sex drive. However, did you know that almost 40 percent of men who are 45 years old or more are afflicted with low testosterone levels?

That’s a lot of people who are suffering from the symptoms of low testosterone. Even if you’re young, you can still be afflicted with low testosterone, also known as hypogonadism.

Are you wondering what the signs and symptoms are of low testosterone?

Keep reading to learn about nine signs of low testosterone in men and what you can do about it.

1. A Low Sex Drive

One of the most feared symptoms of low testosterone in men is, of course, a lack of sex drive. Not being able to perform can disappoint not only yourself but also your partner.

With a low sex drive, you simply won’t be in the mood as much as you used to be. This could cause sex to lose its passion and become a chore, assuming it’s done at all.

You’ll be glad to know that erectile dysfunction, on the other hand, is usually not a symptom of low testosterone. However, if you have both ED and low testosterone levels, then testosterone therapy might be able to help you.

2. Loss of Body Hair

Another sign of low testosterone levels in men is a loss in body hair. If you’re not a competitive swimmer, then this symptom could negatively affect your sense of masculinity.

The symptom can also affect your beard growth, resulting in a beard that is not as full or pronounced. Many people take pride in their ability to grow a long beard so a low testosterone level could mean trouble for that beard and mustache combination you’ve been cultivating for years.

3. Obesity

Low testosterone could also result in obesity. Aside from losing confidence in your body, being overweight can lead to a whole range of dangerous health issues.

Obesity can lead to high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, specific kinds of cancer, fatty liver disease, and more health problems.

Even if you go to the gym constantly, you could be taking one step forward and two steps back when you have low testosterone.

4. Loss of Lean Muscle Mass

As if obesity wasn’t bad enough of a symptom, low testosterone can also cause you to lose your lean muscle mass.

Muscles are yet another factor of masculinity and losing all the progress you’ve made at the gym could be disheartening.

Once again, you could go twice as hard at the gym but it’s an uphill battle when you’re lacking the necessary testosterone levels.

5. Fatigue

Even if you had the motivation to dedicate yourself to working out, another symptom of low testosterone levels is constant fatigue.

If you feel tired most of the day, then you’re probably not going to be up for lifting weights any time soon.

The symptoms of low testosterone can lead to an overall downward spiral.

6. Depression

It should come as no surprise now that low testosterone can lead to depression. If you’re not feeling like yourself, it can negatively affect you in a major way.

Like obesity, depression is a dangerous illness that comes with its own set of problems and risks.

If you have depression, then you can expect to experience a range of symptoms depending on the severity, such as changes in sleep patterns, feelings of helplessness, reckless behavior, irritability, and more.

The most severe kind of depression can lead to suicide which is why its crucial to seek professional help.

7. Reduced Erectile Function

Complete erectile dysfunction is not often caused by low testosterone levels but that doesn’t there isn’t the possibility of some reduced erectile function.

This symptom combined with a low sex drive can spell disaster for your love life. If you think any kind of erectile dysfunction you’re experiencing is caused by low testosterone levels, you should definitely schedule a testosterone therapy consultation.

8. Poor Memory

It’s also possible to experience a non-specific symptom that relates to poor memory.

This could show itself in a general inability to remember dates, for example, or it could come in the form of not being able to remember specific words when writing or talking.

Other non-specific symptoms can include poor focus and overall poor performance at work.

9. What You Can Do About It

There are a variety of ways to counteract the symptoms of low testosterone and to bring up your levels in general. Testosterone therapy is a popular way of solving the issue. This could come in the form of injections once every several weeks, skin patches or gels, an oral patch, or pellets that are inserted into the skin of the buttocks.

Growth hormone peptide therapy is yet another method for dealing with the problem. Erectile dysfunction pills are a popular way of handling the major symptom of ED.

Exercising regularly and focusing on losing weight can help slow the loss of testosterone in your body.

There are also a lot of testosterone boosting foods you can eat to help with your testosterone loss, such as fortified cereals, beans, spinach, garlic, almonds, broccoli, avocado, and more.

Ready to Combat Low Testosterone In Men?

Now that you know all about nine signs of low testosterone in men and what you can do about it, you begin to revolutionize your health and your life.

Tampa Testosterone has everything you need to get your testosterone back up to healthy levels. We can perform comprehensive lab work and have our experts determine what can be done to solve your low testosterone in the most effective way possible. We’ll make sure that testosterone therapy is right for you before giving you anything.

If you have any questions about our high-quality services, feel free to contact us. We’re always happy to help.

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