Almost 39% of all men aged 45 or over suffer from low testosterone levels. The prevalence grows as men age. It’s natural for your body to produce less testosterone than in your younger days.

That doesn’t mean you should live with low levels. For men, improved testosterone means a better quality of life. Are you curious about the benefits of testosterone? 

Read on to learn about the seven health benefits men receive from adequate testosterone.

What Does Low Testosterone Mean?

Low testosterone is known as male hypogonadism. Your testicles do not produce an adequate amount of testosterone.

There are many reasons why men suffer from this condition.

If you’re a man with untreated low T levels, you’re short-changing your quality of life and cutting it short. 

1. Better Sex Life

Some men experience libido wane as they grow older. Sex doesn’t interest them the way it used to. It’s not unnatural, but a life without sex is far less fun.

Then some men have erectile dysfunction. Inability to achieve or sustain an erection is one of the most common signs of low testosterone.

Testosterone regulation improves your sex life in the following ways.

One of the best benefits of regulating testosterone is you’ll feel sexually interested as a younger man. Your partner will be happy, too.

2. Healthy Heart

Is low testosterone bad? You might only think of testosterone improvement as a way to lift your sex life from the doldrums. The reality is testosterone regulates many vital functions.

Low testosterone levels in men link to several cardiovascular risks.

Your heart must work harder to keep your vital organs oxygenated. A recent study found men who received testosterone therapy were 24% less likely to suffer a heart attack and 36% less likely to have a stroke.

3. Cuts the Fat

Do you find yourself a little “soft” around the waist? You exercise and watch your diet, yet you can’t seem to lose that spare tire.

It’s common for men with low testosterone levels to burn less fat and build less muscle. Men who use testosterone replacement therapy, or TRT, report leaner body mass and increased strength.

Their bodies respond positively to their exercise regimens, and they’re able to lose weight and build muscle.

4. Mood Improvement

Your T level helps regulate your mood and mental health. Some mental health symptoms include depression, irritability, and fatigue.

Improving your mood means improving your quality of life. Less depressed men are:

Your overall mood impacts every part of your life. Regulating your mood with TRT will help you achieve all of your fitness and life goals.

5. Bone Strength

Osteoporosis is considered a female disease, and the numbers bear that out. 80% of diagnosed osteoporosis cases are women. Even though the numbers of male diagnoses are fewer, lower testosterone contributes to them.

Testosterone helps regulate bone mineral density. Because men have much higher levels, they’re less likely to develop osteoporosis. Lower T levels, however, decrease bone density.

6. Increased Mental Capacity

There is a strong relationship between testosterone levels and male mental capacity. Regulated levels show a reduced case number of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Regulated T levels show improved mathematical reasoning and spatial relations.

As you age, you may notice you struggle with verbal memory. Boosted testosterone or TRT keeps your mind sharp and agile.

7. Increased Motivation

What drives people to succeed? There are so many theories, but one of the most interesting is elevated testosterone levels. Your body produces more testosterone when your brain anticipates a fight or conflict.

You probably don’t want to be the next dominant robber-baron. That’s ok. Testosterone provides you with the drive and motivation necessary to achieve your goals.

How to Improve Testosterone

Testosterone Replacement Therapy, TRT, is the most effective way to improve your testosterone level. Other methods that prove effective, including diet.


Foods high in protein and low in sugar help improve T levels. Here are some other testosterone-boosting foods to incorporate into your diet.


It’s not only about what you eat, but what you do. Adjusting your daily routine is an effective way to increase your testosterone level.

Benefits of Testosterone Therapy

Low testosterone is not something aging men should accept. There is so much life left to live. Why not live it to its fullest?

The benefits of testosterone and testosterone therapy for men are immense. You’ll improve your sex life, build muscle, and elevate your mood.

Why are you waiting? Tampa Testosterone is here to help boost your T level. To get your life back, schedule a consultation today.

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