Perhaps you have heard of peptides or collagen? If so, then you most likely hear reports of the amazing health benefits of these substances. From reversing aging to increasing energy, these peptides sound pretty amazing.

The truth is, peptides are not a singular substance and their effects vary wildly. But, they do hold some amazing health benefits that scientists are eagerly researching further. 

If you have been wondering if peptide therapy is right for you, then you’re in the right place. Keep reading to discover how peptides can improve your health and biological functions.

What Are Peptides?

As stated above, peptides are not a singular substance. Rather, peptides are a series of strings and building blocks of amino acids. These building blocks create you as a person and they suffer a lot during our lifetimes. 

Peptides can deteriorate over time from a variety of things, such as stress and even sunlight. But, what we usually chalk this deterioration to is “old age”. 

Many times symptoms such as wrinkled skin or sexual dysfunction are thought of as age. We suffer these symptoms because we are getting older. But, this may not be the case. 

Researchers have found that by utilizing these substances you can work against deterioration. Peptides can be both derived naturally from animals and synthesized in a laboratory.

Currently, scientists and the FDA are researching the potential long-term effects. But, the research has been very promising and the results are now you can purchase peptides yourself. 

But what are the best ways to take these substances? Can we take them over the counter? What about peptide therapy? 

What Is Peptide Therapy?

Peptide therapy involves recreating the human growth hormone we all have as children. This hormone is secreted when we are children from our pituitary gland. They work as a stimulant to our growth and healing, which is why we feel so much better as kids. 

Peptide therapy operates by imbuing our bodies with some of the 7,000 peptides. Some of these peptides are existent inside of us, and others are found in nature. 

Peptide therapy sometimes involves injecting the bloodstream directly through a transfusion. This is very effective and considered one of the most fast-acting therapies. But, there are other ways to administer peptide therapy. 

Peptides are available in topical creams and supplements. This system is great for those in good health seeking to maintain and improve overall health. 

Certain of the 7,000 peptides are best for specific conditions humans face as they age. Let’s explore some of these specific peptides and the ways they’re taken.

What Are Collagen Peptides?

Collagen peptides are usually derived from animal bones and other byproducts. Collagen peptides hold several strings of amino acids that benefit the body. Collagen is a collection of peptides, rather than a singular one. 

Collagen is used to improve and mitigate the symptoms of aging. This includes preventing and healing wrinkles. In fact, collagen creams are becoming increasingly popular in the anti-aging industry.

But, collagen protein powders are also very popular in health markets. This protein powder is used to both increase muscle mass and build muscle. This is why it is so popular for gym fanatics. 

Individual Peptides Used In Peptide Therapy

Now we will delve a little into the different types of peptides used in peptide therapy. After, we will explore their uses. 

Here is a list of the most common: 

The individual benefits of these peptides mean that each is used for something different. Let’s see what their uses are. 

Sermorelin is popularly used to treat muscle degeneration and regeneration. It also helps to regulate sleep patterns and improve overall athletic performance.

CJC-1295/Ipamorelin is similar in use to Sermorelin, but it has heightened energy production. This peptide can help males suffering from erectile dysfunction. It is one of the best peptides to combat energy loss and fatigue. 

GHRP2 is popular for weight loss and weight management. This peptide has been shown to drastically decrease appetite and improve mood. This is excellent for anyone who is stress eating as well. 

GHRP6 helps to improve muscle mass production and improve recovery times after workouts. They help to keep your blood flowing and energy going. 

Usually, these peptides are utilized together as a treatment in therapy. This is because, as you can probably see, their side effects complement each other. But, they also improve each other’s functions. 

Make sure you check with your doctor about what peptides are best for you. And, take these supplements and treatments as prescribed. They can be harmful if overdosed. 

Is Peptide Therapy Right for You?

Peptide therapy can be misleading with the way advertisers market it to us. They may make outlandish claims about it being the fountain of youth. Or, they may claim it will reverse aging. 

As far as science knows, there is no way to stop people from growing old. But, this does not mean the “side effects” of growing old need to be what they are. Rather, we can view these symptoms as we view many other diseases and conditions. 

As something which requires treatment. Peptides can help you make the most of your life by keeping your body functioning well. If you find yourself succumbing to age or are young and wish to remain active, peptide therapy is a good choice! 

Peptide Therapy Options

Now you know the ways in which peptide therapy can help you. They can help you remain energetic and youthful for a longer time. 

As scientific research grows in their knowledge of peptides their uses will likely improve. And, the potential for you will improve as well. But, where should you go to receive your therapy from? 

Tampa Testosterone specializes in helping its users gain their youthful energies. Contact us for a free consultation!

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