Testosterone Pellet Therapy

Testosterone Pellet Therapy in Tampa, FL

Testosterone pellets have become more popular for those uncomfortable with injecting themselves. Every 4-5 months, you go into a clinic for a procedure in which small pellets are inserted under the skin of your lateral buttocks by way of an incision.

Testosterone Pellets and Proper Dosing

One of the major challenges with pellet therapy is getting the dosage correct. The pellets come in different strengths, but there is an art to determining how many of each strength to insert.

If you insert 7 of the 200 strength pellets, you will not get the same hormonal response as 14 of the 100 strength. You can mix and match, but what if your doctor doesn’t get the dosage right? Then you are stuck for 5-6 months with a testosterone level that is too high or too low. After that point, your doctor can make an adjustment, but who is to say your dosage will be right on the second attempt? You could end up trying to make adjustments for a couple of years before getting your dosage correct. In the mean time you may end up dealing with all types of side effects due to the imbalance.

Be sure to check with the testosterone replacement experts at Tampa Testosterone in South Tampa, FL for questions on proper dosing with these convenient, easy-to-use testosterone pellets.

The pellets are small, but due to the location and quantity, some patients have reported the pellets ripping through the skin or getting an infection at the point of insertion. It is important to be careful not to lift heavy objects or be too active—especially close to the time of your procedure every few months. This can be a difficult rule to follow for patients who enjoy being physically active.

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